Session 2

Basics of Asset, Change, and Configuration Management

Session 2: Basics of Asset, Change, and Configuration Management

To successfully protect systems, security professionals need to not only know what assets they have through inventories, but also what changes are made to those assets. This session discusses the basics around each of these concepts and how to succeed, even with limited resources.

Solving Cyber Risk

Solving Cyber Risk

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Cyber risk is the peril of our generation, but organizations struggle to get actionable visibility to their risk. While technology can be part of the solution, it is not a silver bullet. Minimizing and managing cyber risk requires a comprehensive, continuous evaluation across processes, people, balance sheet controls, and technology.

Axio believes that everyone should have the means to solve their unique cyber risk challenges. We are a passionate team of cybersecurity, cyber risk, and business leaders who developed a unique and holistic methodology and software platform to deliver on that belief.

Our innovative and proprietary approach gives companies visibility to their cyber risk and cyber posture in a manner that enables the prioritization of investments to optimize the protection of their business, customers, and employees