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The Cybersecurity Scorecard

Take Control of Your Cyber Program

Managing the cyber risk landscape for power utilities can seem daunting, but there are simple steps every utility can take to improve their cyber health.

For years, utilities have leveraged industrial control systems (ICS or operational technology, OT) to deliver power to their customers. These systems we designed to operate efficiently by engineers dedicated to system reliability. Many of these OT devices were designed and installed without cybersecurity in mind— there was never a concern about how cyber attacks could impact operations.

Today, it’s a very different story as we see more energy delivery systems brought online to optimize operations with analytics and new capabilities through technology integrations. These integrations, however, can introduce additional risks that need to be identified and managed by utility operators. The Public Power Cybersecurity Scorecard was designed to empower utilities (of any size) to reduce and manage their cyber risk.

The Scorecard is more than just an assessment, it is a powerful online cyber risk management platform.

Participating Utilities

Why is it free?

The American Public Power Association and The Department of Energy have partnered to ensure our nation’s critical energy delivery network is better protected and prepared for cyber attacks.

This effort is subsidized under the Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) program.


What You Receive

Access to the Public Power Cybersecurity Scorecard methodology and unlimited self-evaluations, regardless of your size or function.

See below for more detail.

What to Expect

The Public Power Cybersecurity Scorecard is a customized platform that enables municipal utilities to evaluate their cybersecurity program, plan improvements, and benchmark their security posture across peer utilities.

Utilities start by completing a simple self-evaluation of their cybersecurity program. From there, get guidance, reports, and tools to help improve your cybersecurity.

The initial Scorecard takes less than an hour to complete.

Online Portal Features

Take notes for each practice within the platform.


Assign tasks to individuals with deadlines.


Help text in each section including definitions and concepts.


User dashboard showcasing each assessment and various statistics in real time.


Ability to do multiple internal assessments and benchmarking.


Improvement toolkit including document templates, policies and example policies.


Regional workshops to provide additional help and guidance.


Suggestions for cybersecurity training.


Expert coaching.


Ability to tie to other association projects, such as technology deployments and vulnerability assessments.


Each level is capable of being a fully sustainable cybersecurity program and can be reassessed on a regular basis to track improvements. Take notes for each practice within the platform.

Coordinate Reporting Across Your Entire Organization

Share reports and compare your organization’s scores internally or anonymously against industry benchmarks.

The ability to evaluate, improve and track the cyber resilience of each region, facility, or department.

Benefits of Completing the Assesment

Public power utilities that complete the Scorecard are part of a community that not only measures their cybersecurity program, but gains visibility into industry trends and benchmarks.

Moreover, the Scorecard is linked to other CEDS efforts at the American Public Power Association, all designed to help utilities improve their cybersecurity posture. This includes incident response plans, actional improvement roadmaps, and technology deployment. All based on your Scorecard recommendations and action plan.

Reduce Cyber Risk Exposure

Actionable insights to manage what matters most to your utility.


Expert Coaching

First-class support with expert coaching

Workshops & Training

Onsite workshops and training for your team

Online Software Suite

Track team members, upcoming targets, tasks, and build improvement plans for cybersecurity.

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